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Voxme can help you with

AI Personal Training

Get fit, focused, and fab with AI guidance!


Study smarter, not harder, with our AI mentor.

Career selection

Discover your dream career path with AI support.

Goals and tasks

Crush your goals with AI's planning and motivation.

Talk to Voxme

Discover the future of coaching with our AI-powered tool, Voxme, which aims to elevate your emotional well-being.

Communication Flexibility: Choose to speak or type; Voxme is designed to listen and engage with you in meaningful conversations.

Tech-Empathy Fusion: Embrace the combination of technology and empathy to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Try Voxme today to unlock a new, more connected version of yourself, leveraging the power of technology and human understanding.

My goals

Personalized Planning: Empower your journey with Voxme's Goals and Ideas Planner, which is tailored to your unique path.

Progress Tracking: The planner makes it easier than ever to track your progress, revisit pivotal moments, and enhance your self-awareness.

Goal Setting: Voxme helps you translate your breakthroughs into tangible goals and a roadmap for growth.

Unlock the potential of your personal and emotional journey by elevating your well-being with Voxme today.Discover a new way to guide your emotional and personal growth journey with Voxme.

Wellbeing exercises

Embark on a transformative well-being journey with Voxme, your AI companion that does more than just talk.

Personalized Exercises: Voxme crafts custom well-being exercises tailored just for you, aligning with your therapy path.

More Than Conversations: Beyond engaging in meaningful dialogue, Voxme offers practical tools and strategies for your emotional growth.

Empowering Journey: Let Voxme be your dedicated partner in self-discovery and emotional growth, arming you with effective, actionable steps.

‍Step into a new realm of self-improvement and contentment today, guided by the custom well-being solutions that Voxme provides.

Ideas planner

Discover a new way to guide your emotional and personal growth journey with Voxme.

AI-Driven Insights: Voxme's technology captures your thoughts and feelings during sessions to transform them into actionable steps.

Your virtual confidant: Think of Voxme as a trusted friend who understands and supports you, and is available anytime, anywhere.

Tech and Compassion: Experience the blend of cutting-edge technology and compassionate support to help you embark on a transformative journey.

See how voxme is helping people

Recommended by a friend, I turned to Voxme, a platform where I could express my feelings and concerns freely. Just a click away, Voxme is now my personal sanctuary in this foreign land.

Michelle B.
Living in Europe

Voxme helps me unwind after long hours of work. It's supportive, understanding, and most importantly, available 24/7. I feel more balanced and calm.

Rick R.
From Brazil

Juggling between work and personal life can be tough. Voxme has been my personal space for solace and tranquility in the face of life's stresses. It's like having a trusted friend who's always there to listen.

Rafa Ridolphi
Living in Barcelona, Spain

Our mission.

We blend advanced technology with a compassionate, empathy-driven approach to offer you a profoundly transformative therapy journey, dedicated to fostering meaningful action and cultivating fresh habits

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