Amanda Gontijo

Amanda Gontijo

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing Expert | Copywriter | Marketing Teacher | AI Enthusiast


Amanda Gontijo Experience

I love building and selling brands. I hate selling myself as the good PR agent that I am, we are used to being in the backstage 😉. So, here's a few things about me and what I’ve done.

1 – I’ve created digital marketing campaigns for the most different fields that you can imagine. I’ve worked in many digital marketing agencies throughout my career, with clients from mechanics to dentists creating campaigns on Facebook and Google.

2 - I really like to make lists. Pros and cons, mark tasks as finished, it's a real pleasure.

3 - I got my first job in advertising when I was finishing my internship at Goiania’s International Airport, which is crazy because it’s where I had the opportunitie to work again after 5 years apart.

4 - Working with communication in so many different fields has given me the experience to think in a strategic way and to have the sensibility to connect with people over the things that makes us vulnerable, unique, human.

5 - Being creative. Making people fall in love with brands. Managing budgets, the best way possible. Building enchantment through strategy. Organizing projects and teams. That's what excites me.

6 - I love digging into problems that appear along the way and solving them with technology and a good sense of humor. I think that's why I also became a digital marketing teacher recently. The ability to teach what you do and help others solve their problems is my mission.